Local Artist Spotlight

Local Artist Spotlight

I’m a big fan of new uprising music artists. It’s even cooler when the artists are from the local area. Greensboro, North Carolina is lucky to be home to one fast growing band, Citizen Shade.

Citizen Shade‘s trio consists of lead singer Will Howard, David Lezcano on the keys, and drummer Seth Titus. Their distinct sound has been able to attract an audience of over 35,000 with two of their recent cover videos receiving over 1 million views (7 years and Work)!

As stated by Vaulted Sound, “Their 2015 album release One For The Evening, explores the group’s sound with songs spanning pop, funk, and soul. While they create very accessible music, the clever construction of their tunes sets them apart from much of the pop genre.”

Come out to Greene Street Live this coming Friday night, June 24th, to see Citizen Shade perform live in their first headlining concert along with Jason Jet and Trent Wesley. It’s definitely going to be a show you will not want to miss out on, so get your tickets (for $8 I might add) beforehand! Grace your ears with their tunes and tell your friends about it!