How can I reserve the clubhouse for an after-hours rental?

Clubhouse rentals are reserved for residents only, in good financial standing. It is held on a first-come, first-served basis and can be reserved any amount of time in the future. When you reserve the clubhouse, your guests are not granted access to the swimming pool. Contact the office for rates and availability.

Can the pergola and picnic tables be reserved?

Yes. Same guidelines apply as above.

Can the gazebo be reserved?

No. This is available first come, first serve basis.

Can I reserve the pool for a private party?

No. The pool cannot be reserved for a private party, but you are able to have 2 guests per leaseholder while using the pool.

What are the swimming pool rules?

All specific rules are posted in the pool area. Our pool is open 10am-10pm and there is not a lifeguard present. Residents are allowed 2 guests per leaseholder, who must be present with their guests. Glass bottles and pets are not allowed on the pool deck.

Do I have assigned parking?

Nope! At Addison Point we make parking easy! No monthly fees, no parking lots specifically for your guests, no special decals, no hassle! We only ask that you be courteous of parking non-primary use cars and guest cars off to the sides of buildings, not directly in front.

How do I pay my rent?

We make it is so easy to pay your rent! All you need to do is log on to your tenant portal which is accessed straight through our website. From there you will be able to pay by check (FEE FREE), credit card or set-up your account for auto-pay for your convenience! You may also pay by cashier’s check or money order in our office!

Where is recycling?

Beside each dumpster you will see blue recycling containers. Please breakdown all boxes before loading them in.

How do I use the car wash?

This amenity is available to all of our residents and is easy to use. When open, just drive through to the covered car wash area and pay to vacuum and wash for free! Be sure to bring your own soap, sponges, and quarters for the vacuum!

What do I do if I’m locked out after hours?

You call a locksmith. Emergency maintenance will respond to select issues in your apartment, but being locked out is not one. For a list of Emergency Maintenance guidelines please contact the office.

Where do I have my packages delivered?

You can have any packages delivered to your address. All USPS packages get dropped off in the office. UPS and FedEx will attempt delivery at your door and leave them at the office if no one is home. The packages delivered to our office are generally notified to you via text within 24 hours of delivery.