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Treat your SELF for Valentine’s Day!

Oh, Valentine’s Day, how I dread your arrival. You bring so many expectations accompanied by so many letdowns, so many people bragging about their perfect relationships, and so many reminders of how single I am. But you know what? I plan on enjoying this Valentine’s Day more than any other, because it’s going to be all about me. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I often have to rush through my workouts and cram everything in a short amount of time, so V-Day is perfect for a little extra gym time. I plan to experiment with some new exercises, or take on an extra set of lunges?my favorite exercise. This additional quality time in the gym will also give me a chance to take a look around and see who else is working out alone. Hey, a girl can try, can’t she?

After a nice long workout, I’ll treat myself to an amazing dinner and dessert. When I say amazing, I don’t mean fall-off-the-wagon-and-stuff-my-face amazing. I’ll indulge in a small cheat, but keep it reasonably clean.

I don’t usually get to eat steak,  so I plan on making Asian-marinated flank steak with roasted veggies. Flank steak is such great lean cut of red meat, and served next to roasted veggies, you simply can’t go wrong.

For dessert I plan on making my special Salted Cocoa Roasted Almonds. Holy almonds of goodness are these awesome! They’re perfect to snack on while I sit down, relax, and watch all of my favorite shows.


White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sugar Cookies

Phew! Glad that Thanksgiving is over with! It is so fun to make a big meal like that but man can it be a lot of work! Now on to all the holiday baking!


White Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Sugar Cookies | Cooking Classy


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DIY Reindeer Nose Gift Wrap

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a certain reindeer and his big red nose! Create this fun and festive reindeer nose gift wrap using just a few simple materials… This is such a great way to decorate your presents in no time at all!


How to Make Easy Reindeer Nose Gift Wrap


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How to Throw Thanksgiving for $100!

You did it. This year, you volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner. But aside from the cooking stress and squabbling relatives, you forgot one very important side effect of holiday entertaining: the cost. (Between the turkey, mashed potatoes and cheese plate, the price per person can really add up.) But where there’s a wallet-friendly will, there’s a way. Here, how to pull this off for a crowd of ten people—alcohol included—when you’ve got max $100 to spend.

Here's how to pull of a whole Thanksgiving meal for just $100...yes really. #thanksgiving #thanksgivingfood #affordablethanksgiving #thanksgivingfood #fall


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Lexington Barbecue Festival

Need something to do on this beautiful weekend? Lexington will be having their yearly barbecue festival! Good music, good people, and most importantly, GREAT FOOD!


Festival Finale Concert & Fireworks

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As all should know, the full month of October is breast cancer awareness month. This year, all of Signature wore pink in honor of breast cancer awareness and donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Although October is coming to an end, it is never too late to show your support! Pictured below is the AP team rocking their pink attire!


Halloween-Themed Cookies!

Satisfy a craving for something dark with chocolate-spot cookies, dotted with orange and black candy-coated chocolates for Halloween with this recipe!



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Fright-Day The 13th!

Friday 13th October is likely to worry some of the more superstitious – but what is the meaning and origin of this supposedly fateful day? Follow this link and read about it in this fun article!




Candy-Dispensing Pumpkins

Catering to the trick-or-treaters just got convenient with this DIY pumpkin candy dispenser. Just fill it up with LOTS of candy, turn on your porch light, and still get cool points from the neighborhood kids!




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DIY Flea Repellent For Our Furry Friends!

Did you know that many ingredients in your garden act as all-natural flea repellent? Steep lemon juice, witch hazel, water, and lavender together to make a simple spray that will help keep your pet flea-free and smelling fresh!

Did you know that many ingredients in your garden act as all-natural flea repellant? Steep lemon juice, witch hazel, water, and lavender together to make a simple spray that will help keep your pet flea-free and smelling fresh.